What’s Saving My Life Right Now

Today is the mid point of winter, and I’m linking up with Modern Mrs. Darcy to share what’s saving my life right now. Because depression can hit me any time of year, no matter the weather, I’ve never really understood seasonal depression. It’s no secret that I’m a Daughter of Winter. I’d choose a grey, […]

A Book, A Movie, A Craft, and A Stupid Quiz

Happy December, my friends! I spent November writing the first book of a 4-book romance series that will publish in 2017. I had planned to start book two this weekend but my head is still fuzzy from the last one, so I think I need some time off for good behavior. Also? My house is […]

Atonement, Aspirational Dinner Parties, and the Popcast

I am typing this with a greenish-grey mud mask drying on my face. It smells like old peppermint and feels like it might be slowly etching the skin off of my skull. But my teenaged daughter, who is my make up and skin care consigliere, swears that it is going to give my face a youthful […]

San Diego, Howard’s End, and a Story Ninja

How are you celebrating Labor Day? We are spending the weekend in San Diego celebrating my husband’s 50th birthday. According to our kids, 50 is when a person officially turns OLD. When I was a kid, I thought 50 years old was like a million years old, so I get where they are coming from. […]