Waffles. Books. Matcha. PEEPS.

Happy Easter weekend, to those of you who celebrate. We have dear friends staying with us, which will shake up our Easter traditions in the best possible way. I’m trying to come up with a good hashtag term for it. I see your Friendsgiving and raise you a Friendeaster! Friendster? Freaster? Please stop me. What […]

Adjectives, Trader Joe’s, and Succulent Jellyfish.

  Before I forget: if you are going to be in Southern California this Sunday afternoon, I will be at the Ripped Bodice reading and signing Moonstone Heart. Also reading this Sunday:  Ann Royal Nicholas, Sarah Vance Tompkins, and Christine Ashworth. Y’all, this event is FUN. This is an ALL ROMANCE bookstore and there are […]

Millennials Are the Coolest

  And that is saying something, because I happen to love my neon legwarmer wearing 80’s generation. But my oldest son graduated from high school and it was amazing to watch. They have perfected the graduation ceremony – no more sweating in the sun listening to long, boring slogs masquerading as inspirational speeches. No, these kids […]