Tacos, Gardens, Sci Fi

Here I go again, bitching about eating healthy. Three of my four kids claim they are vegetarian (even though the youngest hates all vegetables and indeed, most food) so by default we are eating mostly vegetarian food these days. I only prefer to cook meat because it's easy and I don't have to think about recipes, but obviously I want to be like every other red-blooded American in January and eat more vegetables. How is it going for you? I'm not sure these Beer Battered Avocado Tacos really count as health food, but they were delicious and technically vegetarian, so let's call it a…

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Do It Afraid

As you read this, I am at a writing conference in Austin, Texas, sucking up knowledge and stealing tacos from a whole bunch of crazy talented authors. This is my second trip to this particular conference, and I am SO excited to see my gang again. We are planning meals and drinks and bookstore visits, and a trip to see the bats, and even karaoke. (Oh, right, like I'm really going to do that one. I'm so sure.) I was not this excited last year. I had been listening to the podcast and reading the books for a long time. Something…

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Atonement, Aspirational Dinner Parties, and the Popcast

I am typing this with a greenish-grey mud mask drying on my face. It smells like old peppermint and feels like it might be slowly etching the skin off of my skull. But my teenaged daughter, who is my make up and skin care consigliere, swears that it is going to give my face a youthful glow. It’s easy for her to say that shit to me, since she’s not actually the one who pays for these miracles. Elsewhere on the agenda for the weekend: Watching: I mentioned last week that I was re-reading Atonement, now I’m dying to see the…

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