Saturday Distractions

One of my favorite artists, Austin Kleon, wrote this earlier this week: I love meeting my readers, but I am so aware that the person who writes the books that they read is the best version of me — the most hopeful, the most helpful version of me. In my day-to-day life, I am as confused, and stupid, and pessimistic as anybody. I’ve stayed offline lately because I’m having a hard time even finding my best version of myself during a national humanitarian crisis, and my rage won't help anything. But this blog is mostly about books and recipes and cocktails, and it all…

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Prosecco Heart is Here!

  "Tabitha never intended to greet her mailman in the nude..." I was at my local RWA chapter meeting last year when that line popped into my head. I scribbled it on my notes, and started giggling. And could not stop. Who is this wacky lady, standing naked in front of her mailman? I didn't know why she'd flipped out, but I kept writing. What if she had just found out her husband cheated on her? How about instead of collapsing on the floor in a sobbing mess, she went a little bananas? I kept scribbling and laughing, and by…

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