Heat Up Your Winter With Jaxon Dawes

That pottery scene in “Ghost” never did a whole lot for me. Sure, Patrick Swayze was pretty to look at, (remind me to tell you about the time I met him, and he kissed me on the cheek, by the way) but the goopy mess all over their hands? Blech. Not sexy at all. I never got why everyone went so crazy over that. But recently I came across a short video on Instagram. A man sat in a dim room, forming a vessel with his hands. He never spoke, but a haunting music played while his hands shaped the…

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Indie Authors I Love: R.A. Roque

Why do I love R.A. Roque? First: she lives in Canada, and said I can come live with her if The Devil Incarnate is elected next week. Second: she homeschools four kids AND writes romance, like me, so hashtag twinsies. But she also works full time teaching music so she kicks my ass. But she’s nice about it. (See: Canadian) Third: She writes sci-fi romances, and her characters have cool mental powers. Like me. They are telepaths, kinetics, and one of them can manifest things out of thin air. Fourth: Did I mention her books are hot? Check her out here. You…

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Indie Authors I Love: Jordan L. Hawk

I met Jordan L. Hawk when we ate dessert together at a bar in Austin. (Note: I was going to write ‘when we shared dessert at a bar in Austin.’ But seriously. When have I ever shared a dessert??) When Jordan told me she writes Gay Paranormal Historic Erotic Romance for a living, I stared at her blankly for a minute and then said, “Wait – that’s a real thing?” Lucky for me, Jordan is super cool, and she very patiently explained that yes, it is a real thing, and a very popular thing. She was too modest to mention…

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