Waffles. Books. Matcha. PEEPS.

Waffle Heart
Happy Easter weekend, to those of you who celebrate. We have dear friends staying with us, which will shake up our Easter traditions in the best possible way. I’m trying to come up with a good hashtag term for it. I see your Friendsgiving and raise you a Friendeaster! Friendster? Freaster? Please stop me.
What are we doing on this Weekend? I’m so glad you asked.
Serving: a Waffle Bar. You heard me. I’m doing it. Not even ashamed.
Reading: Last week I took my kids on a field trip to Los Angeles. We capped off the day with a trip to The Last Bookstore, which is the most wonderful bookstore I’ve ever visited. Everyone likes to take pictures inside the book tunnel (we did it!) but it’s so much more than that. We got lost in the stacks for a long time. Literally lost. After I paid for a big stack of books all the kids disappeared. I told the burly security guard at the door that I came in with five kids and couldn’t find a single one of them. He looked down at me with a cocked eyebrow and said Bummer for you, Lady. And I looked at my stack of books and said Actually, bummer for YOU, man, because I’m outta here. I found a gorgeous leather bound copy of Howard’s End, as well as three different E.M. Forster biographies, so I just wanted to go home and read. I hope all those kids live happily ever after. They probably still haven’t noticed I left. #notmyproblemanymore
Also reading: This great list of books to read before they become movies. The first few have already happened, but the rest are coming in 2017, and man do they ever look good. I love a book list that also has suggestions for “If you like this book, you may also like…” Most of these are going on my TBR list right away. (Not you, Stephen King. We’ve been down that road before, old friend.)
Drinking: Despite the ice cream, I believe this Matcha Affogato counts as a breakfast food. Please do not tell me otherwise, kthanksbye.
Rolling our eyes: Please stop, internet. You are annoying us.
Finally: behold the winning Peeps Dioramas. The only sports event I care about.
Have a great weekend, friends,

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