We Got the Beat

Hey now, Homeslice, what are you up to this weekend? It looks like I am going to have Sunday off – as in a whole entire DAY. Remember when I used to take Sundays off? No, neither do I. I’m determined to do it this weekend. It’s been ages since I’ve made the Rosemary Gimlet in that post; it’s time to break out the gin and enjoy the first weekend of fall.
Fun fact: my oldest son, the Vegan Hipster, got a record player for his birthday a few years ago. But he almost never uses it. It’s become our favorite way to entertain – have friends over, drink some cocktails, and pull out our old records. We are having our favorite neighbors over on Saturday, and we will probably spend the evening debating the best albums and one hit wonders and comparing favorite concerts and horrible concerts. My concert picks? Favorite: Rolling Stones at the Los Angeles Coliseum, The Jacksons at Dodger Stadium, and Elvis Costello by himself with a guitar in a tiny old theater in San Diego. Least Favorite: when I was in high school I saw Joe Jackson and  I left in the middle of the concert because he called a woman in the audience the C-word. At 17 years old it was the most appalling thing I’d ever heard. My ears are much more jaded nowadays, but I still hate that word. Not to mention that if you call someone who paid cash money to see you a word like that, you are a douche. My other worst concert was when I took my daughter to see One Direction at the Rose Bowl a few years ago and nearly had a nervous breakdown because of the screaming. OH. My. Lord.
Do you have a favorite album cover? I’ve always loved Stevie Wonder’s “Songs in the Key of Life” cover, and also The Police “Synchronicty.” What do you think of this roundup of the best album covers? Maybe I don’t understand the art form too well, because I don’t think I’d choose any of them. Where is Bruce Springsteen? If you’re in the mood for the opposite, this collection of horrible album covers is a fun scroll. Hey, nobody gets it right every time.
What do you think of Rolling Stone’s list of the 100 Best Albums of All Time? Agree/Disagree? I guess #1 was inevitable, but to be honest I like #3 better. As for our listening pleasure this weekend, I will throw down some predictions right now: Husband will make us sit through a lesser Queen album. Denise and Pete just went to Ohana Fest, so I bet you anything she’s going to force some Eddie Vedder on us. And Pete will go melancholy with some Ray LaMontagne. Then I’ll have to lighten the mood, so I will spin some Go-Go’s or Wham. Which they will all pretend to hate and accuse me of being shallow, but if I peek over at them, for sure they will be bobbing their heads along. I’m sneaky. You shouldn’t forget that about me.
You can have my credit card baby, but keep your red fingers off of my heart, Lady.
Have a great weekend, lovelies,
PS – For giggles. The jazz one, especially!
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