BW Author photoMy name is Julie, and I live in Southern California with my husband and four kids. I homeschool them. The kids, I mean. Not the husband.

I eat dark chocolate and drink good wine and read lots of books and don’t usually bother with housework. You should know that I have a foul mouth and complain about the heat all the time. I speak in movie quotes, but they tend to be the obscure, random quotes that no one understands except me. I crack myself up. You’ll get used to it.

I used to publish romance novels under the pen name Emma Foster. But it turned out I’m way too lazy to keep up two online profiles in addition to all the other personalities inside my head. So I dumped the pen name, and now you can find me at social media places as Julie Wrote A Book. I’d make a terrible spy. (Or maybe the Best Spy Ever. You’ll never know for sure.)

What’s up with you? Drop me a note at and let’s chat.