What We Talk About When We Talk About Ryan Lochte

A photo by Kamesh Vedula. unsplash.com/photos/ISL7czxIP-k
I admit I’m following Lochtegate with a toxic mixture of glee and horror. The tweets! The white male privilege! The Ugly American! Am I an intelligent observer of cultural relations, or do I just like to laugh at stupid people? What is this guy all about? What am I all about? Can you tell me?
This is the essential mystery of Lochte: athletic success at the level he has achieved takes almost superhuman mental fortitude and edge. Either all of that vanishes when he steps out of the pool or he’s a deeply gifted actor, or he has a kind of stupid genius always at work in him.
From The Mystery of Ryan Lochte by Andrea DenHoed, in the New Yorker
#Jeah, now my soul hurts. Let’s talk about Waffles! Did you know that I wrote the “London Demerez Cookbook” as a companion to my first book, “The Way to Her Heart”? You can get the cookbook for FREE if you subscribe to my reader newsletter. The cookbook contains all of the recipes from the book, plus a dozen new ones thrown in just for the fun of it. That includes those magical waffles with caramelized sugar. Trust me, you need those waffles in your life.
So why I am the last person in the world to learn about Stitch Fix? Why didn’t you guys tell me this? Here’s the deal, in case you live under a rock (like me): a stylist sends you a box of clothes based on your preferences, you buy what you like and send the rest back. Friends! It. Is. Awesome. My first box came this month and the stylist sent me jeans. JEANS!! I have the body of a Dr. Seuss character and am therefore it is basically impossible for me to find jeans that fit. When I saw jeans in the box, not gonna lie, I was sure it would be a waste of my time. But then I tried them on. No weird bending, holding my breath, squats or lying on the ground necessary – they were perfect. Miracles, I tell you. I immediately sent a love letter to the stylist and asked her for more jeans and if she would be my best friend. If you have no time, or want someone to style you up, or just hate shopping with every bone in your body (like me), I highly recommend you check out Stitch Fix. I get a referral if you use this code, but I promise I would not recommend it if I didn’t think it was the bomb diggity.
This weekend I’m starting the fourth book in the Chief Inspector Gamache Series by Louise Penny. I was never a mystery reader until I discovered these books. I mentioned this new love to my Smarter Artist pal Sara Rosett, who also writes wonderful mysteries, and she told me that Louise Penny is the gateway drug to the mystery genre. I’m hooked!
What are you reading as we start to wrap up the summer?

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